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A Parliament* of Apprentices

The Zee bar at Chichester University was buzzing at a recent charity fundraising quiz organised by Apprentices from St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester in time for National Apprenticeship Week.

The SE Apprenticeship Ambassador’s team was shaky on geography, but we got out of jail with general knowledge, so in tribute to the event here’s a quick write-up containing 10 collective nouns (*) for creatures, courtesy of the SE Apprenticeship Network, proud to be supporting Apprenticeships. Before the evening began the Ambassador’s gang* were chattering* away and pitying* their chances. It felt like we were back at school* but we are full of praise for the hosts* who organised  the business* superbly.

A Parliament* of Apprentices

A swarm* of hospital Apprentices planned and hosted the night as part of their Apprenticeship training. They were led by Chloe Lambourne (L4 Project Management Apprentice) and overseen by Jo Hauffe (Learning and Development Nurse/Widening Participation Lead and one of our SE Apprenticeship Ambassadors.)

 It was a tremendous success, raising over £1000 for the hospital charity.

The SE Apprenticeship Ambassador Network sponsored the event and YAAN and AAN members were all in attendance along with the Joint SE AAN Chairs.

It was a great night but the highlight of the evening was that the team that showed enough shrewdness* to dazzle* us all and win were Apprentices…of course.

Answers: Owls (Parliament), then Turkeys (Gang), Starlings (Chattering), Turtle Doves (Pitying), Dolphins (School), Sparrows (Hosts), Ferrets (Business), Butterflies (Swarm), Apes (Shrewdness), and Zebras (Dazzle)