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Apprentice Name

Annie Horrigan

Apprenticeship Title


Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship?

I originally studied A levels and then planned to go to university to study History.

I decided to take a gap year in between A Levels and starting university so I began to look for a temporary job. I saw an advert for this apprenticeship online and thought it looked interesting as it involved working in different sections of the Council as well as offering a business qualification which i thought could come in useful in the future.

Please describe your experience

So far I have worked in different sections of the Council carrying out work in Finance, Contracting, general administration and event planning.I also visit schools with our Careers adviser telling them about my experience as an Apprentice. Every day is different and I love the variety.

My Assessor visits me in the workplace every 2 months for an hour to review my progress and I submit all my assignments and evidence online. I am allocated one day a week to study and attend workshops at college to support my learning.

How has your Apprenticeship helped you progress in your career?

I am no longer going to university. Instead I am progressing to a l4 Project management Apprenticeship with the Council who are continuing to invest in my future. It may well be that I eventually progress to a Higher Degree Apprenticeship.

What do you feel are the advantages of doing an apprenticeship over other training or education?

It has been 100% a hands-on experience. Working and studying alongside work has been extremely motivating because I have clearly been able to link theory with practice. I think employers see the benefits in that too.

I have been earning a salary and I also get all the usual employee benefits that come with this- eg paid holidays, sick pay, additional staff training etc.

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