Case Studies

Apprentice Name

Luciano Ramsay

Apprenticeship Title

Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship L6


Ifield Community College

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I came to live in England from Mauritius when I was 15. I was always good at Maths and after school I worked my way up to study a Masters in Maths. I was then hoping to complete a PHD in Maths but did not get accepted for a scholarship so I returned home to be with my family. I then started a job at my old school as a teaching assistant. After 6 months I attended a CPD presentation at school about Teaching Apprenticeships available. But first I had to achieve a L2 English qualification in order to be accepted and English had never been my best subject  at school. However, with the support from my Head at Ifield Community College I sat my Level 2 English exam just a few days before I was due to enrol at University. Fortunately I achieved the required grade and was accepted onto the Apprenticeship programme at the University of Chichester in September 2018.

Please describe your experience

I attended day and block release at university alongside teaching placements at two schools, one of which was Ifield Community College where I went to school myself.  I still teach there now, having completed the Apprenticeship and qualifying as a fully qualified teacher.

Observations on lessons I taught were carried out throughout the programme and I built a portfolio of evidence of lesson plans, evaluations of the lessons I had taught, witness statements and reflective accounts.

How will this Apprenticeship help you progress in your career?

My hope is that I will be able to progress to teach A level Maths- I am not thinking any further than that at the moment!

What do you feel are the advantages of doing an apprenticeship over other training or education?

Earning a wage alongside my training was a bonus– and no student loan to pay back. It was also great being able to spend a concentrated period of time teaching in just two schools. I spent 2 terms at Ifield Community College and one term at Holy Trinity.

Being able to apply practice to theory along the way was also a great way to continually develop my skills.

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