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Company name

Portsmouth City Council


Sam Nesbit

Why did you decide to employ an apprentice/apprentices?

We decided as a team it would be beneficial to employ an apprentice as we wanted someone with the ability to learn fast, with up-to-date it & social media skills, as well as someone who we could grow and develop. We felt we had the capacity and skills within the team to support an apprentice develop into the role, and the additional time this takes is offset by the lower cost of employing an apprentice

Please describe your experience/highlight

We have had a really good experience, with full support from recruitment and learning & development. The process was relatively smooth and very quick. One major advantage for us was that we did not need to wait for the successful applicant to give notice, they started very quickly, saving time.

A highlight for me would be how able our apprentice is, how quickly he’s picked up our systems and used his it skills to good effect. To see him grow in confidence and ability is very fulfilling and feedback from our customers as to his professional attitude to dealing with their queries has been excellent

Please describe the benefits of apprentices in your business

The benefits to us are that our apprentice has excellent communication skills and is able to navigate around social media quickly and easily. He is also able to shine a light on practices which we have had in place and are not efficient, and therefore has been able to change systems to meet the needs of the business.

What do you feel are the advantages of offering an apprenticeship programme over other training or education?

I was unaware of the advantages having an apprentice brought but now having experienced the benefits i would highly recommend employing an apprentice.

Our apprentice has been really keen and motivated to learn the job, progress with knowledge and skills and is really ambitious to progress within the council. Investing in someone who is learning on the job, with my direction and influence is proving to be very rewarding and effective.

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