Case Studies

Company name

Wire Belt Company ltd


Paul Winter (Chairman of Wire Belt Company ltd)

Why did you decide to employ an apprentice/apprentices?

To recruit young people with the aptitude and enthusiasm. To build our workforce with the next generation of engineers and to train them in the ‘Wirebelt’ way to meet our business needs. We are very aware of the skills gap in the local area, and can best address our needs by employing apprentices.

Please describe your experience/highlight

We have achieved great success in recruiting school leavers and working with our local training partners. We currently have 1 higher level apprentice, 1 level 2 and 1 level 3 in engineering and 1 level 3 business apprentice. We invest with the aim of retaining and building on skills to develop our future work force. We were delighted that one of our apprentices achieved the accolade of keiba apprentice of the year in 2016.

Please describe the benefits of apprentices in your business

We have employees who started as apprentices with the company 20+ years ago, so the age diversity of the workforce benefits the company in succession planning. Another benefit is that this allows team leaders to build their mentoring and training skills while being involved in developing new talent within the business.

What do you feel are the advantages of offering an apprenticeship programme over other training or education?

“Earning while learning” is attractive to those young people that wish to enter the adult workplace rather than go to university.

The mix of work and college to gain a good qualification that will build the foundation of a long-term career in engineering, with progression to higher level study in future years and ongoing career development.

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